Once I decided I was

Once I decided I was ready to begin my microlocs journey I searched for a knowledgeable loctitian who could guide me through the process. Expectations continue to be exceeded at Locsurious. From the initial consultation and initial loc establishment through the ongoing maintenance process, Faith takes pains to keep the health of clients hair at the forefront of every decision, from scalp to strands.
Locsurious Hair Salon acknowledges that the loc journey involves establishing a long term stylist/client relationship and so provides a holistic service that factors in advice on general health and well-being as well as at-home hair care.
I look forward to retie days where we style and assess my hair’s progress. The service is always very pleasant, hygienic and punctual and the process is efficient yet never feels rushed. Faith communicates well and is always willing to answer questions, even when I’m not in her chair!
At Locsurious, its clear that Lead Loctitian and Stylist, Faith is personally invested in helping clients attain their hair goals and “have fun” with their hair every step of the way!

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