Locsurious is catered to women who desire freedom when it comes to their hair. We provide a comfortable, safe environment to discuss hair concerns, aspirations and to manage the expectations of guests when it comes to their hair through open, educational conversation.

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Locsurious is here to service youWe specialize in Microlock Establishments (Interlocking, Two Strand Twists). We also offer BraidLocs, Interlocks, Starter Locs (Two Strand Twists), Loc Care and Interlocking or Retightening Maintenance Services.

We do not provide hair extension services of any kind.

We strive to provide you with the quality service you deserve whilst protecting you by adhering to Salon Quality protocols. Please note that the salon area is also thoroughly sanitized after each Guest has left the premises.

About Our Founder

Hair Freedom:

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The Locsurious brand started as a self-care journey. Faith started the female focused Hair Salon after deciding to care for her own loose natural hair – and sanity – by establishing locs in her hair. Her loose natural hair stressed her out, always. According to society and persons closest to her who were influenced by societal norms, hair always had to look a certain way. Faith’s decision to loc her hair was purely out of the fact that the thought of combing through her thick head of hair caused her undeniable stress and panic. She yearned for a type of hair freedom that brought peace of mind and happiness – to Faith that would only be achieved through having her own set of locs. That sense of peace and freedom she gained after installing her locs was undeniable. Faith’s loc’d natural hair was unquestionably easier to maintain compared to her loose natural hair – she did not have to pray that new conditioner she discovered would finally work for her hair. Maintenance and upkeep was a breeze and wash days turned into relaxing showers that happened to include hair washing. It occurred to her that other persons would have and continue to go through agonizing loose natural hair journeys – even if this isn’t true for everyone. With her growing base of knowledge accumulated by seeking out professionals and mentors in the industry, she sought to provide a solution to the ‘loose naturals’ who needed to discover hair freedom as much as she did. Locsurious focuses on locs started on natural hair only, without extensions as a crutch or a cover to build hair confidence.
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